What Parents Are Saying...

"The boy he is compared with the boy he was. is truly amazing!"

– Lynda, Mother of Two
It’s life changing – I don’t know how else to describe it.

– Lawrence, Father of Two
"I love it with my whole heart…"

– Ewa, Mother of Two
"It’s an amazing approach for me…"

- Kristen, Mother of Two
"I would not be in a good place without Connected Parenting."

– Amber, Mother of Two
"I don’t feel hopeless anymore!"

– Michelle, Mother of Two
"I’m no longer feeling helpless."

– Chris, Father of Two
"You can’t afford to not get these resources…"

– Elaine, Mother of Five
"The techniques learned help with all my relationships."

– Laura, Mother of Two

Success Stories

Natalia Arbuzova
Mother of one (and her partner has three more kids)
“My biggest win with Connected Parenting has been finding a connection with my child at an emotional level. We can share a lot of things mentally and cognitively, but it was the emotional part that is important.”
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Chris Zhang
Father of Two
“I realized there is something that I can turn to. There are always resources out there, and I no longer feel helpless. Connected Parenting provides a proven way of solving the problem. Just knowing that makes a huge difference.”
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Meesh Batista
Mother of Two
“Without Connected Parenting it would be chaotic. I would probably be somewhere in a corner crying, and that is no exaggeration. I used to go to sleep crying because I felt so bad about my parenting. I even had prolonged conversations with my husband about how I felt like a terrible parent. Now I do not feel hopeless anymore. I see the changes and the impact of Connected Parenting.”
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Amber Fall
Mother of Two
“You have to get down to their level and connect. You need to understand the whole situation, because there is more to the story than the behavior you see.”
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Kristen Temple
Mother of Two
“For me, this whole course has been a constant push against my baseline default behaviors. It has been an amazing opportunity to give my children these skills.”
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