Success Stories

Kristen Temple

Kristen's Results

  • A more mutually respectful relationship with her children
  • The ability to set clear boundaries with her children
  • New skills that can be transferred to other aspects of life
  • A sense of community with other parents

How Connected Parenting helped Kristen to manage the behavior of her active children in a more respectful way:

  • A model for successfully parenting ‘gladiator’ children
  • Flexible, online learning options
  • Strategies informed by experience and research
  • An active community of other parents to engage with

What was life like before Connected Parenting?

My name is Kristen Temple, and I am a mother of two. I have a five-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter. When I started trying to change my parenting style, I did not know how to make the necessary changes. 

I was kind of left with this idea of no yelling, no boundaries, no nothing, and I became very permissive in my parenting style.

What has changed for you and your children since you joined Connected Parenting?

Connected Parenting taught me how to set boundaries respectfully, while also seeing my children as the individual people that they are, and giving them the respect that they deserve. This led to me getting respect in return.

They helped me to set healthy boundaries with my children, while also creating that connection with them. My son was talking to me the other day about something being unfair and I used the CALM technique. 

Usually he would push back at this point and reiterate his point over and over. This time, he could see that I understood him and that was the end of the conversation. It was great that he felt heard.

How has Connected Parenting helped to improve your confidence as a parent?

I notice a difference inside and outside my family. I do not just use this approach with my children, I use it in my work life, and on myself. 

Applying these techniques to other aspects of life is another big thing that Jennifer talks about. It has been an amazing approach for me to take in all the other areas of my life. 

How does Connected Parenting compare to other solutions?

The thing that made the biggest difference for me is when Jennifer talks about ‘gladiator children’. 

These are your high energy, high spirited, highly emotional children, and this framework perfectly describes my children. No one else I encountered really touched on that. 

For me, it was that section on gladiator children that really resonated and has been the strategy that has worked with my kids. 

Who would you recommend Connected Parenting to?

I think this course is perfect for any parent, and not even just for parents! It has a lot of great tools for communicating in other circumstances. 

Seeing the other parents come on and describe situations resonated so much with me. It gives a sense of community, and it makes you feel like you are not alone because you see others going through the same thing.

Hearing Jennifer guide people through the different scenarios helped me to solidify what I was doing in my own parenting styles.

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