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We Teach Parenting Methods for both sensitive and Strong Willed kids

Connected Parenting™ teaches parents how to use empathy and connection as medicine...

To defuse tantrums and meltdowns, build emotional resilience, increase healthy compliance and bring out the best in your child.

Using Neuroscience, Psychology, and 30 years of Experience Improving Family Relationships

Learn a beautiful, effective way of parenting that strengthens your child from the inside out and creates a lasting, secure bond.

Who We Are: 

Connected Parenting™ shares techniques that therapists use to help parents soothe their child as well as enhance the parent-child bond. It's based on the understanding that correcting and guiding behavior works best when it is preceded by and linked to empathy.

At the heart of this parenting model is the CALM Technique which helps parents accurately attune to children’s affect and experience.

Jennifer Kolari

Founder and Author

Jennifer Kolari’s groundbreaking program has created transformations for thousands of families-often in just a few weeks. From recurring power struggles and sleep issues to food fights and sibling rivalry, Connected Parenting™ offers expert advice and solutions for issues families deal with every day. Jennifer Kolari’s insightful strategies, shared with warmth and humor make her a highly sought-after speaker throughout North America.

The Connected Parenting Podcast 🎙️

One of the best ways to learn how to become a better parent. Each week, we dive into a new solution to address issues with your child.

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Past guests on our second podcast "The Mental Health Comedy Hour" include:
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What Industry Experts Say About Our Method:

"Jennifer Kolari provides us with a clear-minded view of how to create and continue an open, attuned relationship with our children as they move through the important and at times, tumultuous transition from childhood to adolescence.”
Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, Co-Author of The Whole-Brain Child and Parenting From The Inside Out
"'Connected Parenting' advises us not just how to parent, but far more important - who to be as parents. The therapeutic methods suggested by Jennifer Kolari are based not on simple-minded behavioral solutions, but on building warm, nurturing relationship with our children, with insight and compassion not only for their little flaws, but also for our own larger ones."
– Gabor Maté, M.D., Renowned speaker and bestselling author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
"Connected Parenting is the ultimate survival guide for families. Jennifer’s methods restore the trust, respect and affection that difficult behaviours can undermine, while helping to manage those same behaviours with original, fresh techniques. Parents will see how their relationships with their children can be repaired and strengthened in ways they may have thought were impossible."
– Michael Kearns, Senior Producer, CBC News: Sunday/Sunday Night
"Jennifer Kolari helped steer us toward more effective parenting of the challenging child, so we could focus on the joyful gifts rather than the problems... Parenting doesn’t come with a textbook—Connected Parenting is close to it."

– Susan Ormiston, Broadcaster, CBC, The National
"Kolari helps parents understand complicated teen brain chemistry and offers practical parenting advice that is respectful and effective."

– Alyson Schafer, Author of Honey I Wrecked the Kids

The Connected Parenting Masterclass

This immersive course will change the way you parent. You will use powerful and effective tools (based on the neuroscience of love) that will not only transform your child’s behavior but will improve the emotional climate in your home for everyone in the family.

Free Training: 
The 5 Shifts of Parenting

Parenting a strong-willed child or “gladiator child,” as I like to call them, can be so challenging. They are feisty, powerful children who are often built to be leaders, but have an intense counter-will and feelings that are way too big for their little bodies. Many of the practical, sensible parenting models that work beautifully with your other kids, backfire with your gladiator.

Join the Connected Parenting Seminar where Jennifer will share the 5-Shifts you must know to bring out the best in you and your child.

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What Parents Are Saying...

See what a few of thousands of parents have to say about the Connected Parenting approach
"The boy he is compared with the boy he was is truly amazing!"

– Lynda, Mother of Two
"It’s life changing – I don’t know how else to describe it."

– Lawrence, Father of Two
"I love it with my whole heart…"

– Ewa, Mother of Two
"It’s an amazing approach for me…"

- Kristen, Mother of Two
"I would not be in a good place without Connected Parenting."

– Amber, Mother of Two
"I don’t feel hopeless anymore!"

– Michelle, Mother of Two

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