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Jennifer Kolari


Child and Family Therapist
Registered Social Worker
Founder of Connected Parenting™
Certified Neuropsychotherapist
Board Certified Hypnotherapist
Board Certified NLP Practitioner

One of the nation’s leading parenting experts, Jennifer Kolari, is a highly sought-after international speaker and the founder of Connected Parenting™.

A child and family therapist with a busy practice based in San Diego and Toronto, Kolari is also the author of Connected Parenting: How to Raise A Great Kid (Penguin Group USA and Penguin Canada, 2009) and You’re Ruining My Life! (But Not Really): Surviving the Teenage Years with Connected Parenting (Penguin Canada, 2011).

Jennifer is the host of the Connected Parenting weekly podcast and the co-host of The Mental Health Comedy Podcast.

Kolari is a frequent guest on Nationwide morning shows and podcasts in the US and Canada. Her advice can also be found in many Canadian and U.S. magazines, such as Today’s Parent, Parents Magazine, and Canadian Family.

Kolari’s powerful parenting model is based on the neurobiology of love, teaching parents how to use compassion and empathy as powerful medicine to transform challenging behaviors and build children’s emotional resilience and emotional shock absorbers.

Kolari’s wisdom, quick wit and down-to-earth style help parents navigate modern-day parenting problems, offering real-life examples, as well as practical and effective tools and strategies.

Her highly entertaining, inspiring workshops are shared with warmth and humour, making her a crowd-pleasing speaker with schools, medical professionals, corporations, and agencies throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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From recurring power struggles and sleep issues to food fights and sibling rivalry, Connected Parenting offers expert advice and solutions for issues families deal with every day.

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Imagine there was a medication you could administer to your teens that would help regulate their moods, increase their sense of trust, and improve their overall brain function…

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"Jennifer Kolari provides us with a clear-minded view of how to create and continue an open, attuned relationship with our children as they move through the important and at times, tumultuous transition from childhood to adolescence.”
Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, Co-Author of The Whole-Brain Child and Parenting From The Inside Out
"'Connected Parenting' advises us not just how to parent, but far more important - who to be as parents. The therapeutic methods suggested by Jennifer Kolari are based not on simple-minded behavioral solutions, but on building warm, nurturing relationship with our children, with insight and compassion not only for their little flaws, but also for our own larger ones."
– Gabor Maté, M.D., Renowned speaker and bestselling author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

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One of the best ways to learn how to become a better parent. Each week, we dive into a new solution to address issues with your child.

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The Mental Health Comedy Podcast

In addition to the Connected Parenting podcast, Jennifer hosts The Mental Health Comedy Hour podcast each week with Ed Crasnick.

Recent guests include:

Howie Mandel
Judd Apatow
Patton Oswalt