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Solve the 7 Most Common Problems That Arise When Raising Challenging Kids

Using the very same tools that therapists use to set your child up for success.

  • Temper Tantrums – Whether it's begging, arguing, or negotiating relentlessly... You'll learn to diffuse these through connection and how to actually de-escalate using science.

  • Lack of Confidence – If your child is afraid to do anything by themselves, from going to school to going upstairs... You'll use techniques that improve their brain's ability to regulate, building emotional resilience.

  • Causing Chaos – Or refusing to do anything you ask, from going to bed, to homework to putting on their shoes... You'll use connection to make transitions a seamless experience that you both look forward to each day.

  • Fighting with Siblings – Or showing aggression towards you. You'll use specific "Mirroring" techniques to meet them a their level and redirect their anger into understanding and connection.

  • Swearing – Or breaking things, and saying things you’d never have said to your mother... You'll learn communication strategies to guide your child towards healthier self-expression and foster a positive family atmosphere.

  • Homework – Struggling to motivate your challenging child to complete their schoolwork? You'll create an environment that encourages responsibility, focus, and a positive attitude towards learning, making homework time less stressful for both you and your child.

  • Picky Eating – Tired of mealtime battles? Gain insights into picky eating psychology and learn strategies to encourage your child to try new foods and develop healthy eating habits.

Gabor Maté, M.D
Renowned speaker and bestselling author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
Connected Parenting advises us not just how to parent, but far more important - who to be as parents. The therapeutic methods suggested by Jennifer Kolari are based not on simple-minded behavioral solutions, but on building warm, nurturing relationship with our children, with insight and compassion not only for their little flaws, but also for our own larger ones.

A Little Bit About Our Impact On Parents...

"It’s an amazing approach for me…"

- Kristen, Mother of Two
"I would not be in a good place without Connected Parenting."

– Amber, Mother of Two
"I don’t feel hopeless anymore!"

– Michelle, Mother of Two
"I’m no longer feeling helpless."

– Chris, Father of Two
"You can’t afford to not get these resources…"

– Elaine, Mother of Five
"The techniques learned help with all my relationships."

– Laura, Mother of Two

Let’s get real, parenting is hard.

And it’s only getting harder.

Kids have more distractions than ever (hello, screen time) and old parenting styles just aren’t working anymore.

If yelling, screaming, begging, and pleading worked, we’d have a world full of perfectly-behaved kids...

...Yet it doesn't work, does it?

Parents are left drained, ashamed, and beating themselves up at the end of the day...and kids are experiencing higher levels of depression and anxiety than ever.

When your child is...

  • Throwing constant temper tantrums, begging, arguing, and negotiating relentlessly.

  • Fighting with siblings or showing aggression towards you.

  • Afraid to do anything by themselves, from going to school to going upstairs.

  • Breaking things, swearing, and saying things you’d never have said to your mother.

  • Causing chaos at bedtime or refusing to do anything you ask, from homework to putting on their shoes.

  • Holding you hostage every holiday, birthday party, or vacation for fear of a meltdown.

You can’t help but get frustrated sometimes. You’re only human.

And when you’re parenting a strong-willed child or “gladiator child,” as I like to call them, many of the practical, sensible parenting models that work beautifully on other kids will backfire.

These are feisty, powerful children who are often built to be leaders, but have feelings that are way too big for their little bodies.

And here’s the thing:

The answers to your child’s behavioral issues may run counter to all your instincts.

It’s time for a revolution in parenting that’s based on the neuroscience of love.



An immersive program that teaches YOU the very same skills therapists use to enhance your communication skills and strengthen the connection between you and your child.

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What if you could use empathy, compassion, and language as medicine to help your child’s brain become more emotionally-organized and resilient?

(And who better than a parent to learn the skills therapists use to effectively communicate with children?)

Imagine if instead of screaming matches, never-ending negotiations, or feeling like you’re at your child’s mercy at every family gathering, you could:

  • Become deeply present with your child and maintain a calm, neutral presence that de-escalates tantrums and eases anxiety.
  • Meet your child where they are and use empathy to naturally soothe their emotional responses by creating a deep sense of safety.
  • Listen to what your child is showing you with their actions but not telling you with their words so that you can actually address what’s upsetting them.
  • Use language and communication techniques as “brain food” or “emotional nutrition” to trigger the release of reward chemicals in their brain.
  • Create a deeper connection with your child so that your bond can weather any storm.

How would this transform your life?

You love your child so, so much...but what if you could actually enjoy their company, too?

If hugs and snuggles weren’t just for the bygone baby years, but right now?

If you could actually take a family photo where everyone is smiling?

Connected Parenting makes all this possible, and so much more.

It’s the closest thing to having an on-demand child therapist in your pocket.

This supportive program arms you with the skills to communicate with your child AND anticipates issues that may come up along the way.

You’ll be prepared with strategies ahead of time to make life easier as your family adjusts to this inside-out transformation.

And as you create more emotional safety in the home, your children are more compliant, and the loving limits and inevitable consequences you set are more effective.

When your child understands that you’re always coming from a place of deep love and security, it changes everything.

Transform your child from the inside out.

We felt we had tried every parenting technique in the world and nothing seemed to make a difference in helping us and our son cope with the difficult behaviors he has because of ADHD.

It felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Then we found Connected Parenting. These strategies were crucial to rebuilding the bonds of trust and respect that the challenging behaviors had eroded.”

–– Michael, Connected Parenting client

The Science of Love

Here’s how the magic works:

As you master the Connected Parenting Method, you increase important reward chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin in your child’s brain…and in yours.

Think of it as brain food, or emotional nutrition.

Learning this method and feeding your child this “brain food” will:

  • Increase neuroplasticity and improve your child’s ability to respond to their world instead of react.

  • Improve the brain’s ability to regulate, speed up the capacity for learning, and build emotional resilience so that children have the emotional hardware to handle whatever life throws at them.

  • Strengthen your child from the inside out, defuse tantrums almost instantly, and improve communication and connection.

  • Help them understand that although they cannot always control conditions in life, they can always control their emotional response to those conditions.

If you could give your child a pill that did all of this with no side effects, you’d do it in a heartbeat, right?

You need this. Your child needs this.

It’s a parenting superpower!

Praise for Connected Parenting: How To Raise A Great kid

“Jennifer Kolari provides us with
a clear-minded view of how to create and continue an open, attuned relationship with our children as they move through the important and at times, tumultuous transition from childhood to adolescence.”

- Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. and Co-Author of The Whole-Brain Child and Parenting From The Inside Out

Meet Jennifer
Founder, Connected Parenting

Hi! I’m Jennifer Kolari, Clinical Social Worker, Child and Family Therapist, Parent and Family Life Coach and creator of the Connected Parenting Method.

I started my career working at a group home for Toronto street kids who had been physically and sexually abused, or were working as child prostitutes at ages 11-16. It was heartbreaking. My training told me not to get too close to them -- but that was never going to work for me.

At night, when the makeup came off, the jammies went on, and the teddy bears came out -- they were little kids again, deeply craving the love and security that all children require. So I told them bedtime stories, sang them lullabies, and rubbed their backs -- and they melted into this nighttime routine.

While everyone told me that this was a bad idea, when it came time for me to ask the children to do something, they were far more compliant with me than with my colleagues. This is when I started to explore the deep connection between simple tools like compassion and empathy with childhood development.

My goal is to bring the techniques that were once reserved for therapists to as many parents as possible.

The course material in Connected Parenting is based on my 30 years of work with children and families, and includes everything my clients learn when they work one-on-one with me or another therapist on my team. Every lesson was created with the same warm humor and commitment I give my clients personally.

You’ll strengthen and deepen your relationship with your child while developing effective strategies to manage exhausting meltdowns and aggression, and avoid power struggles and wild temper tantrums.

In short, you’ll parent from a place of deep compassion and empathy...and transform your entire family.

Learn the beautiful and effective techniques that will bring out the best in you AND your child.

"If you saw Nathan today, he’s a well-adjusted, sweet, motivated kid. His work ethic is off the chart! He was a top kid in Grade 7 last year with lots of new friends. It’s hard to even remember what he was like before Connected Parenting.”

- Andrea Ho-Fatt Wang, HBSc, DDS, D.ABDSM

Course Overview

In this Masterclass, you will attune to your child’s feelings and accurately communicate this back to your child, verbally and nonverbally, with playfulness, compassion, and acceptance.

You’ll learn how to master the important balance between empathy with limit-setting. In turn, your child will become more resilient, recuperate faster from upsets, and become more loving and affectionate.

What's Included?

  • 6 Powerful Modules (7 for Teens), guided by Jennifer, designed to engage, enlighten and entertain you as you make this transformative journey.

  • 28 On-Demand Videos that are yours for life and can be watched over and over.

  • Parenting Style Assessment Tool to help you understand yourself more as a parent and how the role you play impacts your family dynamic.

  • Key Learning Guides & Exercises to reinforce the principles you learn, support positive growth, and help you transform your family.

  • Fast & Efficient Ongoing Support


  • 6 Months of Access to a closed, private, supportive Facebook Group where Jennifer personally answers parents' questions with personalized video responses.

  • Monthly Live Online Coaching Calls where Jennifer interacts  with everyone directly, answering questions and offering support.

  • Timely Support When You Really Need It from Jennifer or a member of the team who will respond to specific issues as they arise.


  • Loving the unlovable. Discover the origins of Connected Parenting in Jennifer’s 30-year history in children’s mental health.

  • Ruthless compassion. Learn the transformative principle that informed the ethos of the Connected Parenting method.

  • Self-psychology. Study the role of empathy in development and how it shaped the foundation of these teachings.


  • Introduction to the CALM technique. Become the parent your children want to talk to by practicing the groundbreaking technique that creates deep connection.

  • How parenting has changed. Discover how parenting has evolved over the past few decades, and why old parenting models aren’t working anymore, especially for “gladiator kids.”

  • The four types of mirroring statements. Learn how to use language as medicine by discovering the specific phrases that will bring your child deep comfort.


  • Mirroring and real-life applications. Discover how to use the powerful mirroring technique to soothe your child’s brain and deepen trust.

  • Strengthening your child. Deepen your child’s resilience from the inside-out and give them the tools to avoid less and jump in more.

  • Parenting together. Find out how to successfully co-parent and avoid arguments and disagreements in front of the kids.


  • Containment, consequences, and how to set effective, loving limits. Now that you’ve strengthened your bond with your child from the inside-out, find out how to set some limits and consequences from a place of deep security and love.

  • Parenting with brains. Learn what is happening neurologically during development and why you’re not just your child’s parent, you’re their substitute frontal lobe.

  • How to deal with sibling rivalry, homework, bedtime, picky eating, and much more. Discover practical techniques for dealing with many of the all-too-common scenarios parents face.


  • Targeting behaviors, whining, meltdowns, and aggression. Practice the techniques to handle the common behavioral issues your child might be experiencing.

  • The sad and angry vortexes. Learn what to do and not do when your child is sad to bring them the deepest level of comfort.

  • How to help your child if they are being bullied or picked on at school. This is where your child deeply needs to feel heard and understood by you -- we’ll show you how.


  • What happens in your brain and your child’s brain when you are triggered. Study the neuroscience behind those moments of heightened emotion.

  • How to avoid being triggered. Learn tips and tricks to “be the oak tree” and remain grounded and neutral, even when your child is challenging your patience.

  • How to rewrite your child’s story. Behavioral issues tend to fray the bond between you and your child. Now is the time to heal the past and set the stage for a deeper connection, moving forward.


  • How to handle everything from public meltdowns to restaurant behavior. As you prepare to complete the course, let’s arm you with strategies for common misbehaviors.

  • Going beyond the course. The knowledge, communication skills, and techniques you take with you will last a lifetime. Let’s map out the parenting journey ahead.

  • Course wrap-up. Set the stage for a bright future for your child by staying on a path towards positive growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my partner is not onboard?

Please note that the Connected Parenting Method will work even if only one parent participates. In fact, typically the results will convince your partner or spouse to join you as you become confident with the material!

What if I don't have time to do the technique?

I would argue that you don’t have time not to.

Think about all the time and energy spent when you’re fighting to get your kid out the door, they’re screaming in the car, you’re screaming back, and you’re crying after you drop them off. How many more mornings, bedtimes, birthday parties, and holidays can you afford to spend like that?

The impact on your mental health and theirs is immeasurable. Yes, these techniques will take time to learn and master, but you’re a parent for the rest of your life. If you take this time now, you’ll set yourself up for a lifelong loving, affectionate, joyful relationship with your children.

Will this work for me if my child has been diagnosed with a behavioral disorder?

So many families come to us with this exact situation, and have experienced mindblowing results with the Connected Parenting Method.

As a Clinical Social Worker and Child and Family Therapist, I see so many cases where a child has been written off with a dark and negative diagnosis.

Parenting a strong-willed child or “gladiator child,” as I like to call them, can be so challenging. They are feisty, powerful children who are often built to be leaders, but have feelings that are way too big for their little bodies.

Many of the practical, sensible parenting models that work beautifully with your other kids backfire with your gladiator.

We’ve worked with many parents who were at the end of their rope, and Connected Parenting was what gave them the skills and techniques to repair their bond and transform their family.

This course will bring out the best in them and the best in you.

Will my insurance cover this?

Possibly! As Jennifer is a Registered Social Worker, this course may be eligible to be covered by insurance depending on your plan. Please consult your insurance provider to find out.

Will this work for my teenager, or is it too late?

It’s never too late! The Connected Parenting method is focused on repair, which means that you can rebuild a bond that will last a lifetime. And the sooner you start, the better. So many of the parents we’ve worked with tell us that they felt so much more confident sending their child off to college once they had established a deeper connection and better communication skills.

How long will it take to see results?

What we typically see is that in the first 2-3 weeks, parents notice an immediate difference in their child’s behavior. It sometimes feels like the problems have disappeared overnight!

This is why we also set you up with tracking systems so that you can truly observe the decrease in frequency in tantrums and the decrease in recovery time.

Then, around 4-6 weeks in, you may see a resurgence of some behaviors, because a system doesn’t like change, and your child’s system is no exception. Don’t worry -- we prepare you for this!

Within a few months, we typically hear from families that their kids are easygoing, loving, have a great relationship with their parents, and are even doing better in school.

If you commit to these techniques, you’ll continue to see your relationship transform and be amazed at the results!


You can continue to apply the old parenting methods that haven’t been serving you thus far.

You can let the tantrums and meltdowns continue at the cost of your own and your child’s mental health.

You can try every therapy and medication out there.


You can learn a beautiful, effective way of parenting that strengthens your child from the inside out and creates a lasting, secure bond.

You can raise a confident, resilient child that you don’t just love, but you genuinely like...and you can like yourself as a parent again, too.

It’s your decision...but can you really afford to wait any longer?


While the teachings included in the Connected Parenting Masterclass are valued at over $3,000, the lifetime value is beyond measure. Improved mental and social health is priceless, as is the neurological boost that this beautiful, highly-effective parenting method provides in an intense and rapidly-changing world.

It is the greatest gift you can give your child, and the gift they will give to their children one day.

Don’t wait any longer to begin this deeply rewarding journey!


It will never be easier than right now.

Transform Your Child From the Inside Out

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“I used to be such a nice person before I became a parent.”

This is something I hear from parents all the time.

Parenting is by far the hardest job AND the most rewarding job there is.

It pushes us to our limits, but it can also be where we experience our most meaningful moments.

When I talk to parents who are at the end of their rope and don’t know what else to do, sometimes the Connected Parenting method seems too good to be true. I’ve even had parents ask me, “So...I’m just supposed to be nice when they’re acting like that?”

It’s not quite that simple, but it really comes down to two choices: parenting from love, or parenting from fear.

Now, I’m not saying that the Connected Parenting method is going to be easy -- or that there won’t be times you still lose your temper -- but if you’re willing to learn, you’ll be amazed at the results.

If you’re tired of feeling out of control and in your own home...and beating yourself up about it every day...isn’t it time to try something different?

I’ll be right there supporting you, every step of the way.

With love,


Don’t wait any longer to unlock this parenting superpower.

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What Some of over 500 Parents Are Saying

"The boy he is compared with the boy he was. is truly amazing!"

– Lynda, Mother of Two
It’s life changing – I don’t know how else to describe it.

– Lawrence, Father of Two
"I love it with my whole heart…"

– Ewa, Mother of Two

What Doctors Are Saying...

"Jennifer Kolari has taken her exceptional gifts as a child therapist and made them accessible to a wider audience. More than any other parenting book I have read, Connected Parenting offers parents a framework by which they can demonstrate and communicate a deep understanding of their child’s inner emotional life."

Pauline Pariser, MASc, MD, CCFP, FCFP

"Connected Parenting has changed how I interact with my son in such a positive way. More importantly, I see how mirroring is a lifelong tool that is essential in every relationship."

Sarah Stirtz, Registered Nurse
"Jennifer Kolar’s skillful interventions using her highly effective technique of enhancing communication between children and their parents has been an invaluable asset for many years."

– Dr. Till Davy, M.D. F.C.F.P. Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Toronto

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"Connected Parenting is the ultimate survival guide for families... Parents will see how their relationships with their children can be repaired and strengthened in ways they may have thought were impossible."
– Michael Kearns, Senior Producer, CBC News: Sunday/Sunday Night


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The Connected Parenting Master Class

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  • 6 MONTHS OF ACCESS to a private, supportive Facebook Group where Jennifer answers parents' questions with personalized video responses.

  • MONTHLY LIVE COACHING CALLS where Jennifer interacts with everyone directly, answering questions and offering support.

  • TIMELY INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT WHEN YOU REALLY NEED IT from Jennifer or a member of the team who will respond to specific issues as they arise.

  • 6 POWERFUL MODULES (7 for Teens), guided by Jennifer, designed to engage, enlighten and entertain you as you make this transformative journey.

  • 28 ON-DEMAND VIDEOS that are yours for life and can be watched over and over.

  • PARENTING STYLE ASSESSMENT TOOL to help you understand yourself more as a parent and how the role you play impacts your family dynamic.

  • KEY LEARNING GUIDES & EXERCISES to reinforce the principles you learn, support positive growth, and help you transform your family.


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"Connected Parenting is the ultimate survival guide for families... Parents will see how their relationships with their children can be repaired and strengthened in ways they may have thought were impossible."
– Michael Kearns, Senior Producer, CBC News: Sunday/Sunday Night