Success Stories

Chris Zhang

Chris' Results

  • Has a parenting toolkit to draw upon
  • Is building a positive environment for his children
  • Can set boundaries
  • Saw rapid improvements in behavior

How Connected Parenting helped Chris develop effective parenting strategies

  • Live coaching for individuals and families
  • Recorded video tutorials and podcasts
  • Personalized advice
  • Proven tools and strategies

What was life like before Connected Parenting?

My name is Chris and I have two kids, a five-year-old boy and a seven-year-old girl. When they turn three or four, they start to interact with you, and I started to realize that I did not know what to do as a parent.

I felt like I needed a manual or instructions! I wish they had a seminar before you become a parent.

I was frustrated and anxious. I definitely want to try very hard to be their hero, and I quickly realized that to make this vision a reality I needed help.

What has changed for you and your children since you joined Connected Parenting?

All of my kids have made progress in some way since I started implementing new strategies. For example, they both were upset easily in the beginning.

When I started to apply the techniques, there was a dramatic change. When you trust the system, you will start to see changes, and that is the most important thing for us. My wife was amazed at the progress that we saw!

How has Connected Parenting helped to improve your confidence as a parent?

My intention to be a good dad was always there. You want them to grow in a positive way, so you need to provide them with an environment that allows that. 

As a part of building that environment, you need to understand how to set boundaries and help them understand right from wrong. I am much more confident in doing this now.

I am not doing this for a sudden change, I want long-term improvements and to move forward doing things in the right way.

How does Connected Parenting compare to other solutions?

For the principles of parenting to really sink in, you need repetition. You need to repeat, practice and review. For this, I find the videos have been the most helpful.

You can sit there and watch a video at a time that suits you. There is no schedule and you do not have to be online at a certain time. This flexibility is an important feature of the course.

Who would you recommend Connected Parenting to?

I would absolutely recommend Connected Parenting, and I have mentioned it quite a few times to my friends. 

I think it would be more beneficial if you have some issues already. Once you start to realize there are problems and that you need help, you will be open to the solutions offered.

Connected Parenting is a really good toolkit for parenting. You have everything there reviewed and prepared for you to use.

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