Success Stories

Meesh Batista

Meesh’s Results

  • Tools to respond to tantrums
  • Repaired her relationship with her son
  • Has a stronger understanding of her son’s needs
  • Better equipped to deal with situations calmly

How Connected Parenting helped Meesh understand her child and build a stronger connection with him

  • An individualized approach
  • Individual and family coaching sessions
  • A wealth of digital materials available
  • Proven tools and techniques

What was life like before Connected Parenting?

My name is Meesh, and I have two boys who are nine and eight years old. There was a lot of chaos and I could tell that the relationship was frayed between me and my eldest. 

I was extremely overwhelmed. I was saddened and disheartened. Things had not played out in the way that I had hoped, and I was frustrated with myself because I did not know the answer. I didn't know how to take care of my child or how to approach him.

What has changed for you and your children since you joined Connected Parenting?

Connected Parenting gave me insight and an understanding on the reason my son was behaving a certain way. Being able to listen so that he understands that I am appreciating his viewpoint was a big game changer for me. 

It is still tough, but I no longer feel like he hates me and it is really not personal anymore. I do not always understand the reasons for the behavior, but now he knows I am there for him even when he needs space. 

Connected Parenting has also given him tools that allow him to come back and reconnect after his tantrum. He is mirroring the apologies that I have made to him when I have yelled or lost my cool. 

As a nine year old and eight year old, they are able to admit mistakes and commit to doing better. That is just beautiful because we are able to repair that relationship. I feel like we are in the healing process.

How has Connected Parenting helped to improve your confidence as a parent?

Jennifer Kolari and Connected Parenting have started the healing process and saved me and my sons from having a terrible relationship as we get older. 

How does Connected Parenting compare to other solutions?

I did not have the best relationship with my parents so I can see why using these tools felt counterintuitive to me, but they really do work!

Who would you recommend Connected Parenting to?

If you are struggling to connect with your child and your efforts are missing the mark, or there is constant fighting and resistance, then Connected Parenting is for you because. It has certainly helped me!

I really connected with the idea of strong-willed ‘Gladiator Children’, as it explained my situation well. Sometimes you feel like you can’t control them.

What Connected Parenting shows you is that you do not want to control them, you just need to influence them. When they share your values, they will eventually come to trust you and listen.

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