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Connected Parenting Podcast 🎙️
with Jennifer Kolari

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Each Week, We Share Science-Backed Techniques on How to Parent Your Sensitive Children.

Less Arguments. More Empathy. Deeper Bonds.
I can't say enough great things about this podcast and I pass it on to every other mom that I know. Thank you so much for helping me raise my children, you are giving such a gift by sharing your knowledge. I can't tell you how much I've learned...

– Ellen Collind
Life Changing
I'm so thankful a friend recommended this podcast. I have never felt more seen as a parent of a gladiator and gifted kid while listening to this podcast! I have tried everything under the sun as a parent and for the first time in a long time have hope for the future as I parent my kids using the connected parenting methods. Thank you!!!!

– Alis Geor
Great Information
I have been telling everyone and anyone that will listen to try out these techniques. We have seen great strides with all our children. Such practical helpful advice.

– Lea Schin
Episode #171
Middle Schoolers & Makeup | CP171

Are you looking for ways to approach the topic of makeup with empathy, balance, and understanding, while providing guidance on setting boundaries without shaming or embarrassing your child? Tune in for practical advice on navigating the makeup years with your teenage daughters.

Episode #170
Parental Screen Time | CP170

In this episode, we dive into the significant impact of screen time on kids, focusing on a crucial but often overlooked aspect: parental screen time.

Episode #169
How To Connect With Your Grumpy Teen | CP169

Tune in as we explore strategies to bridge the gap and foster a strong, supportive relationship with your teen, even when they seem to be shutting you out.

Episode #168
It's Summertime | CP168

In this week's episode we say goodbye to hectic schedules and explore how to make this summer as wonderful, connected, and fun as possible for you and your family.

Episode #167
How To Get Your Spouse On Board | CP167

In this episode, we’ll explore strategies to help your spouse understand and embrace the Connected Parenting approach, ensuring a cohesive and supportive parenting team.

Episode #166
[REPLAY] All Things Dad a Conversation with Barrett Kolari | CP166

In today's episode, we're diving into the world of fatherhood—the struggles, the joys, and the unique challenges that dads face.

Episode #165
Exploring Developmental Trauma Solutions with Expert Laurie Couture | CP165

Today, I'm excited to share an insightful conversation with Laurie Couture, a licensed mental health counselor, author, and developer of the Couture Protocol. Laurie specializes in childhood development, trauma, and attachment, providing crucial guidance to families and professionals serving children and youth. Join us as we dig into her groundbreaking approach to treating developmental and generational trauma and discuss how we can nurture and empower our children through holistic mental health practices.

Episode #164
Awe & Wonder | CP164

In today's podcast, we'll delve into the transformative power of wonder and awe—emotions that children embrace naturally but adults often overlook as they grow older.

Episode #263
The ReProgram with Ann Odom | CP163

In this episode, I’m excited to share a special conversation I had with Ann Odom on her podcast, "The Reprogram" about somatic healing and inner child work.

Episode #162
Q&A Sibling Resentment | CP162

This episode is a must-listen for any parent grappling with the complexities of sibling relationships and are seeking to create a more harmonious home environment.

Episode #161
The Gift of Self-Awareness | CP160

In today's episode, we're diving into an essential topic: self-awareness and how we, as parents, can gift to our children this crucial skill for fostering good mental health, strong social skills, and building resilience as they navigate the complexities of growing up.

Episode #160
Separation Anxiety | CP160

Separation anxiety can be a really hard thing for kids and if you can relate then join me for today's discussion; where we talk about separation anxiety in our children and what you can do to help support them.

Episode #159
[REPLAY] The CALM Technique Review With Zoe | CP159

Today, we’re revisiting a fan-favorite episode, featuring a special session with my daughter Zoe on the CALM technique.

Episode #158
Childhood Rewired | CP158

Join me as we explore strategies for helping teens take charge of their screen use and discuss ways parents can maintain sanity while effectively guiding their children through the digital age.

Episode #157
How To Be a Frontal Lobe | CP157

Today we are diving into the idea that as parents, we're essentially acting as substitute frontal lobes for our children.

Episode #155
Grandparents: A Special Bond | CP155

Join me today to explore the richness of our relationship with grandparents, examining the contrast between modern parenting and the practices of their era, and together let's discover ways to navigate these differences for a more harmonious family dynamic.

Episode #155
Why Won't My Kids Just Listen? | CP155 Scheduled

If you find yourself repeating instructions endlessly without any response, you're not alone. In this week's episode we explore the reasons behind this common parenting challenge and offer a treasure trove of tips and tricks to turn the tide.

Episode #154
Navigating the Sometimes Very Tricky World of Highly Sensitive Kids & Food with Katie Kimball | CP154

In this special guest series episode, I am thrilled to welcome Katie Kimball, a renowned advocate for healthy kids cooking and founder of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse.

Episode #153
How To Handle Divorce With Kids | CP153

Join me as we explore strategies for navigating divorce, aiming to minimize its impact on the youngest members of the family.

Episode #152
Blended Family | CP152

From practical advice on fostering harmony and understanding to creative strategies for bonding, this week's release is tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities that come with blending families together.

Episode #151
Messy Rooms Teen Edition | CP151

Have you been struggling with your teenager's messy room and not sure how to handle it? In this week's episode I've got some insights on what the messy room really means for your teen and strategies to help manage it in a way that supports their mental well-being. Join me!!

Episode #150
Embracing Love as a Lifestyle: Practical Tips for a Warmer, More Loving February | CP150

As we embrace the month of love, February, we're going beyond the usual hearts, cards, and candies that adorn the stores. Let's explore how we can infuse our family life with the essence of love, making it the central theme not just for this month but as a foundational principle in our every day.

Episode #149
Messy Rooms | CP149

Join me as we explore strategies to encourage our little ones to keep their spaces relatively tidy. From understanding why their rooms end up looking like a mini tornado passed through, to practical tips and tricks that can make tidying up a less daunting task for them (and less of a headache for us).

Episode #148
Embracing Change and Sensitivity in Kids and Teens Q&A | CP148

If you're curious about nurturing a supportive environment that fosters resilience and emotional intelligence in your sensitive child or teen, this episode is a must-listen.

Episode #147
20 Seconds Of Courage | CP147

In this episode, we explore the importance of building this 'courage muscle' in children, especially those who aren't natural risk-takers. We'll discuss strategies to support them in trying new things, experiencing the joy of discovery, and the satisfaction of overcoming fears.

Episode #146
Holistic Healing: Dr. Omid Naim's Journey Beyond Traditional Psychiatry | CP146

So what does a more holistic approach to psychiatry look like? How can addressing family trauma transform our mental health? Why is the sense of community so critical for this journey? Join Dr. Omid Naim as we delve into these questions and more ...This episode is not just a dialogue; it's a journey towards understanding the deeper facets of mental well-being and how they affect us and our family's.

Episode #145
[REPLAY] Gifted Kids | CP145

Are you curious about the signs of giftedness and how recognizing these traits could help your child's development? If so, join me for this episode as we unravel the struggles and potential hidden talents of the gifted child!

Episode #144
[REPLAY] Healthy Adversity | CP144

How does facing something painful, difficult, or seemingly impossible help them grow? What happens when a child learns that they can overcome an obstacle that initially felt insurmountable? This kind of resilience-building is key to their development. If you're curious about how to help your child navigate and learn from life's lesser hardships, effectively preparing them for bigger challenges, this episode is for you.

Episode #143
[REPLAY] Big Hurts & Little Hurts | CP143

I believe that shielding children from every hurt and disappointment does more harm than good. The ability to handle life's troubles, be it breakups, not making a team, or job rejections, develops through experience. So, how do we ensure our children are developing this vital resilience? Find out in this week's episode.

Episode #142
Pathological Demand Avoidance | CP142

What exactly is pathological demand avoidance, how does it manifest in kids and could your child be showing signs of it? Let's unravel these mysteries together. Tune in to gain insights and perhaps, understand your little gladiator a bit better!

Episode #141
[REPLAY] Yelling | CP141

In this episode, I uncover the 'why' behind our shouting tendencies, the real impact it has on our little ones (hint: it's not good), and most importantly, what we can do instead.

Episode #140
Sixty Thousands Thoughts | CP140

Picture this: an average of 60,000 thoughts flow through our heads every day. But here's the catch – a whopping 75-80% of them are negative.Today we are diving into the fascinating world of thought hygiene.

Episode #138
The Freeze Response | CP138

We've previously discussed the fight and flight responses, but the freeze response is equally important and often less understood. In this episode, we'll be exploring what's happening inside the brain when this response kicks in.Whether you're a parent of a child, teenager, or young adult, or you're just curious about the inner workings of the human brain, this discussion has something for everyone.So, what exactly occurs during the freeze response? Tune in to find out!

Episode #137
[REPLAY] The Importance of Self Parenting | CP137

Self-compassion and loving self-parenting are critical to good mental health and help us be better parents to our children. Join me for some insight and tips on how we ensure we are making these kinds of steps for ourselves.

Episode #136
Connected Parenting Q&A With Jennifer Kolari | CP136

Join me for a Q&A episode of guidance, insights, and support on various topics that you, my amazing listeners, have sent in.

Episode #135
Reading with Korbalagae Kuawogai | CP135

My guest this week Korbalagae is on a mission to support preschool and kindergarten moms and parents, helping them kick that overwhelming stress to the curb when it comes to their children's reading progress.If you are ready to have your kids actually enjoying the process of learning to read this episode is for you!

Episode #134
Social Media & Its Influence On Our Kids | CP134

Join me on this journey through the social media landscape to understand its allure and the challenges it brings and together let's empower the next generation to be mindful digital citizens.

Episode #132
Emotional Dumping | CP132

Today I want to talk about what to do when your child, teen or young adult child emotionally dumps everything on you.

Episode #131
Anhedonia In Your Teen Or Young Adult | CP131

Today we're going to explore ways to support your child suffering from Anhedonia, and look at how to and when to get help.‍

Episode #130
Morning Windows [REPLAY] | CP130

Children aren't miniature adults. Initially, we regulate everything for them, then we co-regulate as they grow, and eventually, we guide from the sidelines as they learn self-regulation. It's vital to recognize that we act as their substitute frontal lobe until theirs fully matures.

Episode #129
Re-Release | Back To School | CP129

Curious about guiding your child through this return to school phase? Tune in for some valuable tips and strategies in this episode.

Episode #127
Raise a Leader Not a Follower | CP128

Whether your child needs assistance as a follower or already excels socially, this discussion will provide valuable strategies that you can use in all stages.

Navigating Strong-Willed Parenting with Sonali | CP127

Join us as we explore Sonali's transformative journey from her own spirited childhood to raising three strong-willed children, which has inspired her to develop a unique fusion of heart-centered and empowering parenting methods.

Episode #126
How To Make Family Events Better | CP126

In this episode, we will explore ten effective strategies to make these special occasions like summer BBQ's smoother and more enjoyable for both parents and their Gladiator children.

How To Have A Great Summer | CP125

Summer is a time to really slow down, enjoy life and each other. For this reason I like to make summer all about mirroring and connections and in today’s episode I want to do a quick kind of review and recap of the two.

Episode #124
Stop Overfunctioning and Empower Your Kids! | CP124

Today, we're talking about overfunctioning and how it can hinder our children's growth and independence when we do things for our kids that they can actually do themselves.

Episode #123
Relationship Advice Every Parent Needs | CP123

Whether you're navigating the toddler years, tackling the teenage challenges, or looking to strengthen your bond with your partner, this conversation I had as a guest over on the "Smart Family Podcast" speaks to all 3.

Episode #122
Anxiety Management | CP122

In today's episode I want to give you some strategies that you can integrate into your lives every day that will help you and your kids regulate and integrate anxiety.

Episode #121
Tour of The ADHD Brain | CP121

Join me as we unravel the complexities and shed light on ADHD.