Connected Parenting Practitioners

Meet Certified Connected Parenting Practitioners – who have our completed intensive  Practitioner Certification Program.

They have a deep understanding of the Connected Parenting method – a neuroscience-based approach to parenting strong-willed children.

If you would like to work with a Connected Parenting Practitioner in your area, here is a list:

Jody Shulgan | Toronto, ON

With interconnectedness of heart, Jody supports the ever evolving relational dynamics of parents, children, families and schools. Naturally led, she fosters empathetic expansion, redevelopment and refinement of human connection, to oneself, others and our Earth.

Knowing in her early years that her work was to be in the field of care, Jody gravitated to a lense of education. With focus on something other than the traditional, she explored alternatives. In 2000 she dove into Montessori pedagogy, graduating from Toronto Montessori Institute in 2001. With a refreshed view on human growth and development, directly upon graduation, she took on the opportunity of founding a Casa community housed in an established downtown Toronto school. Her work naturally flowed to the birth of Westside Montessori School in 2008.
Through the continued alchemizing of her own life experiences, as well holding the vision of the school community being one based in love and connection, alignment with Jennifer’s Connected Parenting approach was inevitable.

Seeing teaching and parenting as an ever evolving inside job, Jody shifted attention to re-parenting herself alongside parenting her two children (now young adults). Jody and Jennifer began to work together fostering the culture of the school community. Through years of study, research and practice she evolved to completing her Connected Parenting Coach Professional Certification. With time at the school moving on, she presently holds an active role in the CP community, offering weekly mentoring to graduates of the program in The Mirroring Clinic as well as one on one and family support.

Artistry of Care is where Jody infuses her unique feminine lense of Mom, Co-parent, Montessori teacher, Montessori school Co-founder/Director, mentor and confidant. Amplified with a Master Komyo Reiki practice, as well as her studies in Gabor Mate’s Compassinate Inquiry, she continues to alchemize her own life experiences, enhancing her attunement to her work as Care Artist, based in the science of love.
Beyond her personal practice, she continues to develop Radicalis Care, a co-creation project with others, world wide, offering an immersive group experience for those yearning for love, connection and transformation in their lives.

You know that moment when your curiosity leads you through the discomfort, allowing the abundance of love and joy surrounding you to pour in, beaming light in its fullest abundance. This is where the magic is. You can find and book time with Jody at

Jenny Mathys | Charlotte, NC
LCSW, MSW, Parent and Child Therapist

I have provided clinical care to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families for the past 20 years within research-based university and hospital settings. I have a private practice in which I work with children and their families to individualize a collaborative approach which ranges from early intervention parent coaching sessions using a naturalistic, developmental, behavioral-based model, to individual school-aged therapy and parent consulting and coaching. I am thrilled to embed the Connected Parenting Model within my practice both as a professional and parent. I am also a Clinical Adjunct Professor and Advanced Consultant within the Department of Psychiatry at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill at the TEACCH Autism Program. As such, I provide trainings nationally and internationally in which I educate and consult with professionals on the specific learning styles of individuals with ASD and help them implement strategies based on Structured TEACCHing. 

My intervention philosophy emphasizes family collaboration, a whole person view, understanding one’s learning styles and differences, as well as utilizing evidence-based strategies. I strive to follow best practice guidelines for intervention services which include addressing educational needs as well as core differences of ASD within the areas of social learning, communication, play and leisure, flexibility, independence, self-advocacy, and self-regulation. I also work with individuals that are twice exceptional (2e) that have high intelligence and challenges with executive functioning, social thinking and/or emotional regulation. I provide specific treatment approaches that may include parent and school consultation, parent education sessions, goal-directed child therapy, social skills
training, and long-term supportive counseling. Above all else, I value individual differences, developing strengths, and supporting families.

Jenny lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, two children, and labradoodle.

Andrea Goldfarb | Toronto, ON

I'm Andrea Goldfarb, an educator, certified teacher, and school principal with over 23 years of experience. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of children and families, each with their unique strengths, challenges, and aspirations.

Goldfarb Group Consulting was born out of my passion for helping parents and educators move from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, to feeling empowered, connected and confident. This comes from my own lived experience as a mom, and from the many families I have worked with in the education realm.

As a committed advocate for children's well-being and family empowerment, I've dedicated myself to supporting parents, schools, and summer camps in creating nurturing and enriching environments where every child can thrive.

With a background in education and extensive training as a Connected Parenting Coach, I bring a unique blend of expertise, empathy, and practical strategies to my work. I believe in the power of connection, kindness, and humour to foster meaningful relationships and drive positive change.

My approach to consulting is rooted in empathy, strategy, and action. Whether I'm coaching parents through the ups and downs of parenthood, supporting schools in building inclusive and restorative cultures, or training camp staff in creating engaging and enriching experiences, I'm committed to delivering personalized solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

Let's harness the power of connection, kindness, and laughter to create brighter futures for our children, families, and communities.I can't wait to connect with you and embark on this journey together.

Tracey Ohata | Sarasota, FL

My passion and purpose is to support and guide parents to be confident in their parenting and stay connected to their children.

I believe families that learn to communicate, model and teach what healthy conflict looks like are building the best defense against anything that comes their way. Our youth today have more societal pressures and parents are up against some forces that threaten our family unit. One thing remains, we love our children and can adjust our parenting to still remain the constant compass our kids need. We need conscious, connected parenting techniques with empathy at its core to provide emotional safety in our homes. The medicine all of our brains need.

I am a wife and mom of two brilliant teenage girls with very different personalities. One has ADHD and one has an exquisitely sensitive/gladiator personality. They have inspired and prepared me for this work in so many ways and have grown me into a brave confident parent not afraid to tackle life's mountains. 

Professional experience: prior to moving to beautiful Sarasota Florida I was honored to work alongside vulnerable families and their children for the last 7 years with ArtHouse for children and youth. With it came many behavioral challenges, personalities, diagnosis, and trauma triggers to which much patience and grace was needed. Using the connected model and calm techniques so much trust and growth was seen in the children I worked with. They learned a different way to deal with conflict and express their feelings in a safe environment. Leaving those families was hard but I knew what was ahead for me. I began training to be a Connected Parenting Coach and the journey has been amazing.

Parent Coaching fills a need where therapy can’t with long wait times to see specialists. It also offers the whole family tangible skills they can implement immediately to calm things in the home and move towards a healthier way of managing behaviors. Alongside my private practice I work with GRIP Ministries (God Raising Incredible Parents) facilitating classes that provide parents with tools to improve the domestic family structure in the home. I am blessed and privileged to be living my purpose and believe we all deserve calm emotionally safe homes where we thrive in our relationships.

Maggie Meyer | Potomac, MD

Maggie Meyer is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist. She earned a B.S. in Dietetics from the University of Maryland and an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. Before pursuing her passion for helping others, Maggie spent 10 years working at the Central Intelligence Agency. Maggie leverages her extensive background as a Dietitian and Personal Trainer to offer her clients a holistic approach to mental wellness.

Maggie has extensive experience supporting children and parents facing various life stressors, including strained relationships, grief, divorce, social pressures, anxiety, illness, low self-esteem, anger, and trauma. She is particularly passionate about working with parents who often feel overwhelmed, alone, and disconnected from their partners, children and themselves. Drawing from her own parenting journey, Maggie has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of ConnectedParenting and is dedicated to helping families reconnect and experience joy on their own parenting journeys.

Maggie strives to provide a safe and comfortable space in her private practice where her clients feel seen, supported, and connected. She lives in Potomac, MD, with her family and enjoys cooking, gardening, traveling, and being active outdoors through hiking, biking, kayaking, and more.