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Connected Parenting Therapy

We have a team of over 10 psychotherapists, social workers and certified parenting coaches dedicated to helping you and your children work through your specific challenges.

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Individual therapy:

Individual therapy is a powerful intervention for children and adolescents who are experiencing emotional difficulties. The goal is to enhance the child’s ability to manage their feelings and behaviors, develop insight and make good choices.

We work with children, teens and young adults who struggle with anxiety, emotional regulation issues and social health. Our methods include CBT, talk therapy, and social skills coaching.

Most children love coming to their sessions and look forward to their appointments each week. Parents are welcome to stay in the room with their child until their child feels comfortable.

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Family Therapy (Parent Coaching):

Imagine that there is a medication you could administer to your children that would help regulate their mood, increase their trust in compliance, and improve their overall brain function.

Imagine, moreover, that it’s free, that it has no negative side effects, it helps to build the immune system, and is available in an unlimited supply. Imagine that this medication can be administered not with a pill but simply with connection, empathy and compassion.

This is how Connected Parenting™ works. We teach parents how to use the CALM technique, as well as other unique and powerful strategies so that families can experience all of these effects and more.

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Parent and Child

This powerful coaching model emphasizes the nurturing of the delicate bond between parent and child.

Parents learn to attune to their child’s feelings and accurately communicate them back to their child. This deescalates tantrums instantly, reduces anxiety, and builds emotional resilience.

Parents will also learn how to effectively use empathy to strengthen and deepen relationships with their children, and to develop effective strategies to manage negative behavior and avoid power struggles.

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From recurring power struggles and sleep issues to food fights and sibling rivalry, Connected Parenting offers expert advice and solutions for issues families deal with every day.

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Imagine there was a medication you could administer to your teens that would help regulate their moods, increase their sense of trust, and improve their overall brain function…

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