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Connected Parenting™ Podcast 🎙️
with Jennifer Kolari

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Each Week, We Share Science-Backed Techniques on How to Parent Your Sensitive Children.

Less Arguments. More Empathy. Deeper Bonds.
I can't say enough great things about this podcast and I pass it on to every other mom that I know. Thank you so much for helping me raise my children, you are giving such a gift by sharing your knowledge. I can't tell you how much I've learned...
– Ellen Collind
Life Changing
I'm so thankful a friend recommended this podcast. I have never felt more seen as a parent of a gladiator and gifted kid while listening to this podcast! I have tried everything under the sun as a parent and for the first time in a long time have hope for the future as I parent my kids using the connected parenting methods. Thank you!!!!

– Alis Geor
Great Information
I have been telling everyone and anyone that will listen to try out these techniques. We have seen great strides with all our children. Such practical helpful advice.
– Lea Schin
Episode #82
Financial Literacy

If you are looking for some direction, insight and help into how to approach money when it comes to family finances and teaching our kids about it, then join me today for a discussion on financial literacy.

Episode #81
Must Do’s & Can Do’s

Join me this week as I talk about what each list is and share some suggestions for how best to ensure that everyone is aware of what is going on and expected each month.

Episode #80
Stop Interviewing For Pain

Join me for this week’s release where I will be discussing and sharing my thoughts on this topic as well as my tips and insights for what we can do to support our kids and stop interviewing for pain.

Episode #79
Summer 2022

A quick review and recap on mirroring and connections during the summertime.

Episode #78
Your Kid’s Going Away To College

There’s a few different phases that kids go through as they get closer and closer to their first day of college and ways you can support them as they work their way through this array of emotions.

Episode #77
Help! My Kid is a Sore Loser

This week I want to talk about your kids being a sore loser and what can be done in those high intense moments where everything feels so out of control.

Episode #76
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

There is often a lot of talk about moms and what moms struggle with but there’s not as much information out there to support dads. For this reason today on the podcast I am talking to my husband Barrett about his 15 years experience with “Connected Parenting”. He shares some of the concerns and questions that dads are coming to us with and how we help them figure out solutions to their struggles.

Episode #75
Best Friend Breakups

Join me today for some tips on how to navigate this sometimes heartbreaking path without taking over completely.

Episode #74
Why Won’t You Just Go To Sleep?

If you are ready to have a more settled bedtime routine that doesn’t leave you wanting to tear your hair out and scream into a pillow then this episode is for you. Join me and together let’s bring the peace back to the end of the day.

Episode #73
A Podcast For Busy Parents

Today I want to talk about connecting with your kids even if you are busy parents. This is a topic that comes up a lot; you have a very busy job, a huge project you’re working on, or maybe you travel a lot for work, whatever it is parents often feel a lot of guilt and worry around whether or not they are connecting enough to their kids.

Episode #72
Kids Who Beg & Badger

I hear this so often from parents that I work with regarding their kids; often gladiator and ADHD kids who fixate on something that they just have to have. They will beg and badger until the adult is completely worn down, exhausted and gives in. Over time, the rewarding of that pattern is actually laying down neural pathways in the brain that cause that brain to know “Oh, I have to escalate, I have to start at this level in order to get my way." Join me for some strategies on what you can do to get ahead of this behaviour and stand strong no matter what the kids and or teens in your life throw your way.

Episode #71
Love vs. Fear – A Conversation with Natalie

Join Natalie and I today as we discuss what it means to parent from a place of love , how to tell when that has transitioned into one of fear and share strategies for managing the situation when it arises.

Episode #70
[REPLAY] Video Game and Social Media Battles

Join me this week to hear me share effective ways to limit and regulate your kid’s screen time, on both social media and online games. Together let’s teach them how to use both moderately and not at the expense of the other areas on their lives.

Episode #69
Parental Trauma

Join me today for this week’s episode where I dive into this area of struggle, release the shame and discomfort and share with you some strategies on what you can do to help yourself while also being there for your child along the way.

Episode #68
Connections That Create Healthier, More Resilient Kids with Blake Schofield

Today, Blake Schofield welcomes me to her show “The Bridge to Fulfillment” where I share powerful insights and real-life examples of challenges that every parent is struggling with. Are you ready to build a stronger connection with your child and help them become healthier, more resilient, and ultimately, more successful in their lives? Then this episode is for you…

Episode #67
Creativity, Play And Exploration With Zoe Kolari

On today’s episode I am joined by my daughter Zoe who does pediatric work with children teaching them how to control their emotions so they don’t control them. Zoe will also be sharing her tips for how we as parents can make things work better for our children when they’re involved in therapy or with a life coach. We will discuss what works and what doesn’t work so well.

Episode #66
["My Interview On "What the Parent?"] Gladiator Kids Got You Feeling Crazy?

Listen in to hear me share how to approach prickly teens with love, intention, and most importantly ruthless compassion.

Episode #65
[REPLAY] When You Love Your Kid But Don’t Like Them Very Much

Join me for this week’s release in discussing the complicated feelings parents can have when our child is difficult, angry, and or aggressive and what we can do about it to help them and us manage each situation as it arises.

Episode #64
Controlling Anger So It Doesn’t Control You

Join me for this week’s episode to hear the facts about anger and what we as parents can do to help ourselves while also teaching our children what it looks like to manage anger when it rears its ugly head.

Episode #63
The Truth About Lying: Teen Edition

Today I am talking about lying, but as it relates to older kids from 12 and up. So if you have teens listen up and even if you don’t right now listen up because that day is coming. The truth is all teens lie to some degree. In actuality sometimes teens lie to assert independence, a little bit of sovereignty. Letting the world know that this is mine, I’m going to keep this for me, and you can’t know about it. What we do know is that when it comes to teenagers there’s four different types of lying that we, parents need to be aware of. Join me on this week’s episode to learn why teens lie and what we can do should it come up in our household.

Episode #62
The Good, The Bad And The Lovely

At times parenting can be really gritty, ugly, hard and frustrating. It can take us to some really dark places and that we mom’s especially don’t always feel comfortable talking about that.Often leaving us feeling quite alone living in shame as though we are the only ones feeling this way living with a gladiator child.If this is an area you can relate to join me and my guest Natalie in our get real conversation on what it means to parent even in hard times, especially when parenting our gladiator child who tend to be the more sassy, spicy, feisty kind of kids.

Special Episode
Helping Our Children Navigate The Uncertainty of Current World Events

Today I want to talk about the difficult events that are happening in the world right now and how we can talk to our children about it. The reality is our kids are already so tired and overwhelmed from the pandemic. It really has had quite an impact on their mental health and because of this they’re feeling very raw, and very nervous. Now we add in the world events of what is happening over in the Ukraine and a whole other level of concern, worry, and stress is bubbling up for them. If this is an area of struggle in your home, join me as I share tools we as parents can use to help our children navigate this extremely stressful world event.

Episode #61
Is Your Child Struggling With Eco-Anxiety?

Today I want to talk about a fear that seems to be a common struggle for both my teens and even some of my younger kids I work with.

Episode #60
Your Child Is Stealing; No Need To Panic

Join me on this week’s episode where I discuss what is happening in the brain when a child is stealing and how we as parents can best love them into overcoming those strong impulses that often feel so overwhelming they take them over.

Episode #59
Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

There are a few different lies we may come across in our parenting; malicious lying, social lying, and getting out of trouble lying. The one thing they all have in common is their ability to trigger parents when they rear their ugly head. Parents panic when their kids lie and think, oh my goodness, is my kid going to be a pathological liar? What’s going on? To that I say; don’t panic, lying is a normal developmental stage that children go through.

Episode #58
Taming Tantrums

Tantrums are a normal part of child development but they are challenging to deal with and can be exhausting for parents. Children have big feelings that don’t always fit in their little bodies. In this episode, we explore the purpose and function of tantrums and how to deescalate or even at times avoid them altogether.

Episode #57

Yelling is a very popular parenting technique, but not a very effective one. If it was, there would be a lot of very well-behaved children in this world! Yelling doesn’t work. At best, your kids tune you out and roll their eyes or worse they are terrified. In this episode, Jennifer explores why we yell, how it impacts our kids and ourselves, and what we can do instead.

Episode #56
Is your Child a Ruiner?

I once had a little girl in my office, in tears, calling herself “the ruiner”. She confessed that she ruins everything she is excited about… birthdays, holidays, vacations. Everything! This stuck with me and I have heard it over and over again, over the years, both from kids and parents. Why do some kids ruin things and sabotage things? In this episode I break down why this happens and its effect on the whole family.

Episode #55
The Gift of Emotional Regulation

In this podcast, Jennifer discusses the importance of emotional literacy and emotional processing. Feelings are meant to be felt… They are essential in helping us navigate relationships, stay safe, make good choices, and to be at peace in our world. Feelings are information. If we ignore that information – if we don’t listen – feelings don’t go away. They build in intensity and find creative ways to get our attention. One way or another, your brain or your body will make you listen.

Episode #54
Being the Parent of "That Kid"

Do you notice the judgmental glances from other parents when you drop your child off at school or birthday parties? Can you sense the teacher is frustrated and fed up with your child? Do you hold your breath as you approach the playground crossing your fingers hoping that your child behaves? Does your heart skip a beat when the phone rings for fear it is the school?

Episode #53
Morning Windows

The morning routines that looked so promising at the beginning of the school year may be starting to fall apart right about now. Mornings can be very challenging and an absolute nightmare for some families. Mornings set the tone for the day and a bad morning can throw everyone off. In this episode, Jennifer covers a powerful technique called Morning Windows to make mornings go smoothly and set everyone up for a positive day.

Episode #52
Understanding Your Teen

In this episode Jennifer talks about the teenage years. They can be difficult years but they don’t have to be. Understanding that the teenage brain is under construction and is not fully developed until well into the 20’s can help parents understand, predict, manage and most importantly enjoy their teen.

Episode #51
Rewriting Your Child’s Story

Many children who “act out”, have difficult behaviours, and a strong counter will (gladiators, as I like to call them), have a story about themselves. “I’m the bad one in the family. I am the one who wrecks everything. I am a destructive force in my family’s world.” That story can affect choices, behaviour, self-esteem, and emotional regulation. As parents, it is important to rewrite that story because your child is so much more than their behavior. Join me and my special guest, Natalie Syrmopoulos from the Connected Parenting team, in this episode to learn how to use an accomplishment book to rewrite your child’s story – for them and for you.

Episode #50
The Power of Play

In this episode, our 50th, Jennifer talks about the importance, the magic and the power of play.

Episode #49
Roadmap of Childhood, Part Two

In this episode, the roadmap of childhood continues through the tween, teen, and young adults years. Jennifer helps parents recognize normal and expected developmental stages, what to expect on this part of the parenting journey, how to enjoy your kids, and how to handle the inevitable bumps in the road.

Episode #48
Roadmap of Childhood, Part One

In part one of this episode, Jennifer helps parents recognize what are normal and expected development stages, what to expect on this parenting journey, and how to handle the bumps in the road from ages 2 to 13.

Episode #47
Help… I Have 4 Kids and One of Them is My Husband

In this episode, Jennifer explores what happens when one parent is too serious and the other is too playful…how to see each other’s strengths and work together instead of against each other.

Episode #46
WTF To Do When Your Kids Are Swearing

In this episode, Jennifer tackles swearing; Why kids do it… How to understand it and how to redirect it.

Episode #45
The Importance of Self Parenting

In this episode, Jennifer talks about the importance of self-parenting and how to parent yourself from a place of kindness and compassion. As parents, we are the architects of our children’s brains, and our parents were the architects of ours. In truth, we are all walking around as adults with programming that was installed before we were seven years old. Self-compassion and loving self-parenting are critical to good mental health and help us be better parents to our children.

Episode #44
The Kids Aren’t Alright

The pandemic is taking its toll on children’s mental health. Many kids are struggling and parents are struggling with knowing how to help them. In this episode, Jennifer gives parents some important tips on how to soothe and comfort your kids while building your emotional resilience during these trying times.

Episode #43
From Worriers to Warriors

In this episode Jennifer shares practical tips that really work to help you teach your child to go from a worrier to a warrior.

Episode #42
How to Help Through Heartbreak

In this episode Jennifer shares how to help your teens with heart break. It is so hard to watch your child suffer and at times it hurts us more than them, but there is much to learn as kids practice life and learn how to grow and thrive through whatever life throws at them. This episode will cover the what to do and what not to do to help your kids heal.

Episode #41
Big Hurts and Little Hurts

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that we have to help our kids deal with change and disappointment. In this episode Jennifer talks about how to help your kids manage big hurts and little hurts. Listen to find out how to help your kids develop the emotional shock absorbers needed to handle anything.

Episode #40
External Screens vs. Internal Screens

Jennifer talks about the importance of learning to control our mental screens, what we think about and how to help our children master this important skill.

Episode #39
When Parents Polarize

In this episode, Jennifer explores why couples work against each other, how to stop it, and how to harmonize.

Episode #38
Stand-Up vs. Lie Down Parenting

In this episode, Jennifer discusses the difference between parenting 100% in the present and parenting only halfway, and how different parenting styles affect your kids.

Episode #37
When Nice Is…Not So Nice

In this episode, Jennifer talks about the downside of being nice and how being nice can be toxic. There is a big difference between being nice and being kind. Discover the difference and learn why being kind is always the better choice.

Episode #36
The Art of Staying Neutral

In this episode, Jennifer discusses the art of being neutral, one of the most important pillars in the Connected Parenting method. Although it may sound simple, it is often the hardest thing to do. People often have different ideas of what being neutral actually means. Jennifer discusses the nuances and delivers practical and meaningful strategies to help you stay neutral and stay calm.

Episode #35
Halloween… A Scary Time for Parents!

Halloween can be such a fun time for kids…candy, costumes and decorations! However, for many of our kids Halloween can mean anxiety and behavioural issues! This can make it a scary time for parents! In this episode Jennifer shares how to combat the halloween fears and the bedtime scares, and keep you and your kids CALM this Halloween!

Episode #34
What a Shame About Shame!

Healthy shame vs. toxic shame and how to know the difference. In this episode, Jennifer will help you understand the difference between these two types of shame and she will show you how to help your children understand it too.