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Connected Parenting Podcast 🎙️
with Jennifer Kolari

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Each Week, We Share Science-Backed Techniques on How to Parent Your Sensitive Children.

Less Arguments. More Empathy. Deeper Bonds.
I can't say enough great things about this podcast and I pass it on to every other mom that I know. Thank you so much for helping me raise my children, you are giving such a gift by sharing your knowledge. I can't tell you how much I've learned...

– Ellen Collind
Life Changing
I'm so thankful a friend recommended this podcast. I have never felt more seen as a parent of a gladiator and gifted kid while listening to this podcast! I have tried everything under the sun as a parent and for the first time in a long time have hope for the future as I parent my kids using the connected parenting methods. Thank you!!!!

– Alis Geor
Great Information
I have been telling everyone and anyone that will listen to try out these techniques. We have seen great strides with all our children. Such practical helpful advice.

– Lea Schin
Episode #120
Summer Camp | CP120

Join me as we navigate the do's and don'ts of summer camp, offering insights on how to make the most of this enriching experience for your children and discover its incredible potential for fostering personal and social development.

Episode #119
[REPLAY] The Father Effect | CP119

Join me for this week's episode, let's gain insights and perspectives on how to navigate fatherhood in these extraordinary times.

Episode #118
Conversation with a Grown Up Gladiator My Daughter Olivia | CP118

Listen in as we pick my daughter, Olivia's brilliant mind and explore the world of a gladiator child through her perspective.

Episode #117
Handling I Hate You's | CP117

In today's episode, we'll explore why the words "I hate You" are sometimes uttered, what actions we can take when faced with them, and how to work towards minimizing their occurrence in the future.

Episode #116
End Of The School Year Burn Out | CP116

Let's uncover the underlying causes of end-of-year burnout and discover actionable steps to make this period a smoother and more fulfilling one.

Episode #115
Unlocking Math Success: Expert Strategies and Insights with Rhonda Hewer | CP115

In today's episode, we delve into the world of mathematics education and the challenges kids often face when it comes to math. My guest, Rhonda, is an expert in the field with a strong passion for helping children and adolescents overcome their math struggles.

Episode #114
Happy Mother's Day 2023 | CP114

Today, let's take a moment to celebrate and appreciate all the hard work and dedication that moms bring to their families, and honor the incredible bond that exists between a mother and her child.

Episode #113
Be a Student Not a Victim

In this week's episode, I look specifically at how understanding that being a student in life rather than the victim is what gives children power, confidence, and emotional resilience.

Episode #112
From Anxiety to Empowerment with Dr Friedemann | CP112

My guest this week Dr Friedemann has for more than 20 years been helping people overcome fear and anxiety without medication --- ultimately supporting them in their break through of both their mental and emotional blocks to eventually become the empowered leaders of their lives.

Episode #111
When Your Child Has No Friends | CP111

As a parent, it's heart-wrenching to see your child starting school without a social safety net, left feeling alone and disconnected.It's natural to feel helpless and overwhelmed by the situation, but there are actionable steps you can take to empower your child and navigate through this trying experience.Together, let's explore the best ways to support your child during this difficult time, while managing your own emotions and fostering a positive path forward.

Episode #110
College Blues | CP110

In this episode, we’ll explore ways to connect with and support your child college age or not through the rollercoaster of emotions that come with disappointment. From mirroring their feelings to validating their experience, I am sharing tips to help you guide your child towards healing and moving forward.

Episode #109
A Conversation with Retired Navy SEAL Commander Jimmy May | CP109

Get ready for an exhilarating journey today as we launch into our first-ever interview series that will take us through the awe-inspiring lives of phenomenal individuals with powerful stories, wisdom to share, and tips to elevate our lives – and parenting game! It is with immense pleasure that I welcome our first guest and real-life superhero, my good friend, Jimmy May. A retired Navy SEAL Commander with 22 years of unparalleled courage and leadership under his belt, our conversation with Jimmy promises to be nothing short of phenomenal! So buckle up, and let's dive in!

Episode #108
It's Child's Play | CP108

Today, I'm going to do a bit of a deep dive into the importance of play, especially in terms of children's psychosocial development and how unstructured, non-guided play is absolutely critical to good mental health in children.

Episode #107
Screaming Teenage Hair Fits | CP107

Navigating the emotional outbursts commonly seen in teenagers can be a daunting task for parents. Today we'll explore why these "screaming teenage hair fits" occur, what triggers them and effective strategies to help de-escalate them; as well as talk about when we are most likely to see an end to this phase so that you may look forward with hope!

Episode #106
Texting Your Teens

Tune into today's episode and discover how texting your teen can make having conversations easier while also aiding in their growth and development.

Episode #105

Making mistakes is guaranteed in life.But they're also an inevitable and intricate part of learning and growth. This means how we react to those mistakes, especially in front of our kids, really teaches them how to respond to errors and perfection.

Episode #104
The Neurobiology of Love

Discover how dopamine and oxytocin, aka ‘happy hormones’, can help you better understand yourself, build stronger relationships with your family, and foster meaningful connection through deeper insight of emotions... Join us for an in-depth journey into the neurobiology of love.

Episode #103
The Protest

Ever feel like you are stuck in this never ending loop of back and forth with your kids? Join me today and learn how not to feed into the protest.

Episode #102
Gladiator Kids

Join me this week to explore what it means to have a “gladiator child” and learn just how much they really do bring to our lives and the world at large.

Episode #101
Its About Time

Today I want to talk about time and how as parents it is so important to understand how quick it moves and really try to make a point of enjoying the moments while they are here.

Episode #100
[REPLAY] The Holiday Season

There’s a lot of stress for parents at this time and to help out with this I am sharing my thoughts and tips for managing everyone over the holidays.

Episode #99
How To Play After a Stressful Day – Conversation with Natalie Syrmopoulos

Join us to hear our top tips for how to keep it fun even when you’ve had a hard day.

Episode #98
Teen Angst

Today I want to talk about teenage angst and in particular, the age of 15. This is a tough age for teenagers that I call that the ‘existential year’. Whether you have a teen this age or one upcoming join me and together let’s figure out what’s going on in their teenager brain, and learn what it is you can do to help comfort and soothe them all while forging a deeper connection.

Episode #97
[REPLAY] – How to Parent a Master Procrastinator

In today’s episode Jennifer discusses what works and what doesn’t with a chronic procrastinator often seen in older teens and young adults but parents of younger kids should listen in as well to avoid future pitfalls.

Episode #96
Go Ahead Baby Them

Today I’m going to talk about baby play, also known as limbic bonding. Join me for today’s episode where I will share more on this topic and have you well on your way to a deeper, healthier connection to your child.

Episode #95

Today’s an interesting topic –– I’m going to talk about self-heckling and the broken self esteem that comes as a result of it.

Episode #94
Why Won’t You Just Go To Sleep?

Today I want to talk about sleep as it is certainly a big issue for not only kids in general but more specifically gladiator kids and even us as parents.

Episode #93
Halloween Can Be Scary

Join me for this week’s episode to talk about what we can do as parents to support our more sensitive kids and help them when it comes to managing their thoughts and feelings surrounding what leads up to and comes with the trick or treating holiday of October 31st.

Episode #92
Teens & Dating

I wanted to have a conversation today about how we as a parent can guide our teenager through these rocky waters of relationship building and deeper connections with other teens so they come out on the other side healthier and happier with a better understanding of how relationships should work.

Episode #91
Socially Aggressive Kids

Today I want to talk about socially aggressive behavior and bullying, how to help your children if they are victims of this behaviour and also how to help your children manage their emotions if they are the aggressors.

Episode #90

In today’s episode we are talking all about homework and I am sharing a few things we have to be aware of if we want the daily process to run smoothly.

Episode #89
From Worrier To Warrior

Join me for today’s tips and strategies on embracing our anxiety and together let’s help our kids move from worrier to warrior.

Episode #88
Intrusive Thoughts

Today I want to talk about these weird thoughts that come up for all of us at one point or another in different ways, what they are and how we should handle them.

Episode #87
CALM Technique Review with Zoe

Today I have a really unique episode planned with my daughter Zoe. Just in time for the return to school, schedules and keeping everyone on track we are doing a deep dive into the CALM technique.

Episode #86
Morning Windows [REPLAY]

Kids and teenagers exist in time, which means they’re almost never outside of time. When you’re in time you care about what’s happening in front of you and the part of the brain that actually thinks about where you are relative to time is just either not there or not yet developed. This means when our kids are eating their cereal, playing on their iPad or with their Lego in the morning thinking they have a few minutes left, and we are trying to factor in morning traffic frustrated with why they aren’t ready to go, none of that is happening for them. Instead they are existing in that very moment with whatever it is they are doing.

Episode #85
Irrelevant Behaviors

If you are in need of some helpful tips on how to manage this type of behavior then join me for today’s episode where I take you back to our conversations about adrenaline and adrenaline play.

Episode #84
Back To School 2022

Join me today for some tips and strategies on how to help our kids navigate this next phase in their lives.

Episode #83
Reacting vs Responding

There are steps we can take to ensure that we are doing out utmost best when it comes to responding to our children throughout the day. If you are ready for some accountability then join me for this week’s episode all about reacting vs responding.

Episode #82
Financial Literacy

If you are looking for some direction, insight and help into how to approach money when it comes to family finances and teaching our kids about it, then join me today for a discussion on financial literacy.

Episode #81
Must Do’s & Can Do’s

Join me this week as I talk about what each list is and share some suggestions for how best to ensure that everyone is aware of what is going on and expected each month.

Episode #80
Stop Interviewing For Pain

Join me for this week’s release where I will be discussing and sharing my thoughts on this topic as well as my tips and insights for what we can do to support our kids and stop interviewing for pain.

Episode #79
Summer 2022

A quick review and recap on mirroring and connections during the summertime.

Episode #78
Your Kid’s Going Away To College

There’s a few different phases that kids go through as they get closer and closer to their first day of college and ways you can support them as they work their way through this array of emotions.

Episode #77
Help! My Kid is a Sore Loser

This week I want to talk about your kids being a sore loser and what can be done in those high intense moments where everything feels so out of control.

Episode #76
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

There is often a lot of talk about moms and what moms struggle with but there’s not as much information out there to support dads. For this reason today on the podcast I am talking to my husband Barrett about his 15 years experience with “Connected Parenting”. He shares some of the concerns and questions that dads are coming to us with and how we help them figure out solutions to their struggles.

Episode #75
Best Friend Breakups

Join me today for some tips on how to navigate this sometimes heartbreaking path without taking over completely.

Episode #74
Why Won’t You Just Go To Sleep?

If you are ready to have a more settled bedtime routine that doesn’t leave you wanting to tear your hair out and scream into a pillow then this episode is for you. Join me and together let’s bring the peace back to the end of the day.

Episode #73
A Podcast For Busy Parents

Today I want to talk about connecting with your kids even if you are busy parents. This is a topic that comes up a lot; you have a very busy job, a huge project you’re working on, or maybe you travel a lot for work, whatever it is parents often feel a lot of guilt and worry around whether or not they are connecting enough to their kids.

Episode #72
Kids Who Beg & Badger

I hear this so often from parents that I work with regarding their kids; often gladiator and ADHD kids who fixate on something that they just have to have. They will beg and badger until the adult is completely worn down, exhausted and gives in. Over time, the rewarding of that pattern is actually laying down neural pathways in the brain that cause that brain to know “Oh, I have to escalate, I have to start at this level in order to get my way." Join me for some strategies on what you can do to get ahead of this behaviour and stand strong no matter what the kids and or teens in your life throw your way.

Episode #71
Love vs. Fear – A Conversation with Natalie

Join Natalie and I today as we discuss what it means to parent from a place of love , how to tell when that has transitioned into one of fear and share strategies for managing the situation when it arises.